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Island of Hope, India, August 2010

04.08.2010 21:57

Island of Hope is an orphanage in the Tamil Nadu district of India, about 400kms south of Chennai. Launched through a support of the Sunflower Children foundation it´s currently home to 110 children aged between 10 and 17.

Being there for the first photoshoot in March 2009 I simply fell in love with this place- the joy, happiness and spirit you feel on every step is just unbelievable. And having seen what Peter as the General Secretary of Aid India and his team are doing, it simply must touch every single heart. Despite all of the children have lost their parents and families, the quality of life and education they do get at the Island of Hope is equal to none. Since that time I couldn´t wait to come back to see all these happy faces again.

Even it took longer than expected, I´ve left Prague on Saturday 31Jul2010 and after 20hrs flying through London and Chennai I´ve reached the Madurai airport in the morning on Sunday 01Aug. As my current schedule is quite full I could only spend 5hrs there and flew back to Prague a day later but I´ve again enjoyed every single minute being there with the children.

Should you like to know more about Island of Hope or get involved, please see the website


Thanks to Paul at London Heathrow T5 and Bharat at Chennai for their support and help.

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