Dreams - Fotografické služby

Petr Duchek was born in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  Photography must have been in the family blood, as both his grandad, and dad were semi-professional photographers, mainly focusing on photojournalism and portraiture.  Petr got his first camera, a Russian machine called ‘Smena’, at the age of eight and started to shoot anything and everything. The first two rolls of film however were quite a disappointment as nobody told him that the film should be rewound onto the next frame after every shot. The results were interesting collages with up to 36 different shots on a single film frame!  His next camera was grandad´s famous ‘Flexaret’, which helped Petr discover proper creative photography. In 1997 Petr bought his first SLR Canon, the brand he has continued to use since, and from 2006 onwards swapped to digital technology, even though he is still using classic film for his landscape photography. In 2008 Petr successfully became a member of the Syndicate of photographers of the Czech Republic with certificates in advertorial, studio and portrait photography and photojournalism.

Petr´s favourite style is photojournalism in combination with landscape photography, which he often uses while travelling the world. His other favourite is portraiture.

A separate topic is wedding photography where Petr combines his creative style of arranged poses with photojournalism and portraits.